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Dubai Tour Package from Punjab

When we talk about the favorite destinations to visit from Punjab,  Dubai tops the list and is on everybody’s bucket list. Right from Burj Khalifa to Palm Jumeirah, there is a lot to explore in Dubai for the people coming from Punjab, and the place has some hidden mysterious as well. There is no city like Dubai; it is magical and beautiful. Although there is a common notion that Dubai is all about gold, shopping, and architecture, in reality, there is a lot which the city holds for its tourists from Punjab looking for the Dubai Tour packages. Dubai is a place, which is very rich in heritage, culinary delights, and splendid attractions. 

Indian citizens from Punjab have access to visit Dubai for tourism. Generally, tourists are given a 30-day short-term visa, which is renewable whenever you want to extend it. Depending on the passport-type, there are multiple rules. Punjab citizens with an ordinary passport who want to visit Dubai need to have a sponsor to access the visa. The sponsor could be any airline, hotel, travel agency, etc. In fact, you can contact us to avail Dubai Tour Packages from Punjab as we can offer complete travel services related to flight booking, Visa approval, Hotels Booking & Sightseeing. 

You could be traveling alone to Dubai from Punjab, with friends or with family, this place has a lot to offer and is full of surprises. Moreover, the biggest USP of Dubai is that it comes under the safest cities in the world. An interesting fact to know is, tourists, especially in Punjab, prefer spending their long weekends in Dubai than in any other country? Yes, this is true!

In case you are in the full mood to travel to Dubai, but feeling confused about Dubai Packagesas there is multiple Punjab to Dubai Tour Packagesyou do not need to worry. You can entirely rely on us for Dubai Tour Packages from Punjab

We believe in helping you have fun when you visit Dubai and forget about all the required formalities. All you have to do is, get in touch with us, and the rest will be taken care of by our team. We will find the best Punjab to Dubai Tour Packages to have an unforgettable trip. 

Dubai Tour Packages from Punjab

Here are some of the essential details that you need to keep in mind when you travel from Punjab to Dubai;

** All the international flights depart from Indra Gandhi International Airport and land at Dubai International Airport.

** The distance between Punjab and Dubai via air is 2,186.30 km.

** If you are traveling via flight, it will take about 3.5 to 4 hours to reach Dubai from Punjab via a non-stop flight. However, in a connecting flight, the duration can be around 11 to 12 hours.

** Many flights travel from Punjab to Dubai, such as Spice Jet, Indigo, Vistara, Sri Lankan Airlines, Malindo Airlines, etc.

** A non-stop flight from Punjab to Dubai would cost about 18,000 – 20,000, depending on which airline you book. A connecting flight, on the other hand, would cost about 15.000 – 16,000.

Dubai Tourism:

Dubai is supposed to be the number #1 city when it comes to tourism. There is multiple Punjab to Dubai packages offered by our travel agency, which allows the tourist to have a great dig at the city. 

What are the Places to Visit in Dubai:

 Each year, Dubai tourism expands its horizons. Some of the familiar places to visit in Dubai are - 

The Palm Jumeirah – This is one of the largest human-made islands in the entire world in the shape of a date palm tree

Burj Khalifa – This is the tallest human-made buildings as it is 828 meters tall, and there are multiple restaurants at the top of the building.

Dubai Fountain – This Is the world’s most giant musical mountain, and hence is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Dubai. 

Dubai Museum – People who are inclined towards culture can surely visit this place.

 Jumeirah Mosque – This is one of the biggest mosques, and one should visit there to have a close look at the Islamic culture. 

 What are the Things to do in Dubai:

 As stated above, there are many things to do in Dubai, such as visit the gold souk, iFly in Dubai, Dubai Desert Conservation Centre, Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Miracle Garden, etc. 

The apt time to Visit Dubai: If you want to get your hands-on outdoor experiences, visit Dubai during November – March, as this is the wintertime in Dubai. Mainly during January and February, Dubai stays crowded. From April to October, it is the summer season, where it is really hot and difficult to do outdoor activities during this time. 


 Q – 1 When I am traveling to Dubai from Punjab, will I submit a COVID-19 report?

 Yes, anyone traveling to Dubai from Punjab needs to submit a COVID 19 PCR test report, stating that you have been tested negative. The test must be taken 96 hours before you land in Dubai.

 Q-2 What If I test positive at the Dubai airport?

 In case you undergo the COVID test at the airport, you have to stay in the hotel until the test results come. Once the test results come and tested positive, you will be kept under isolation for 14 days. 

 Q-3 Do newborn or small kids also have to submit the COVID-19 test reports at their arrival?

 As per the recent guidelines released by Dubai Health Authority, all the kids under 12 who are traveling from India to Dubai will not have to undergo a COVID test. Do follow the Dubai Tour guidelines issued by Dubai Government. While Booking Dubai Tour packages from Punjab, People are advised to choose proper research. 

 Q-4 Are the tourists from Punjab expected to be quarantined when landing at the Dubai airport?

If the tourists show a proper COVID report, where the results are negative, then they do not have to show the reports. But who do not submit the report will have to go through a test at the airport, and in case if they are tested positive, they will have to be isolated for 14 days. 

 Q-5 Are all tourist attractions open in Dubai for Punjab People?

 As per the recent guidelines, Dubai has relaxed its COVID-19 rules. Shopping malls, streets, Dubai aquarium, Burj Khalifa, etc., are now open to welcoming tourists. Avail Dubai Tour packages from Punjab and amazingly plan your weekends and holidays. 

 Q-6 Is consuming alcohol in Dubai permitted?

  Dubai Emirate has permitted the residents to consume alcohol in only Emirates. Tourists From Punjab are allowed to purchase liquor from licensed places such as hotels or clubs. NO tourist from Punjab can carry Liquor while traveling. People are advised to follow the Dubai Tourist Rules & Policies. 

 Q-7 Is Dubai shut on Friday?

 On Friday there is a public holiday for banks, governments, and many private offices. However, malls, clubs, shopping centers, and various other tourists hub are open on Friday, barring very few shops. Punjab People are advised to make a small search while visiting Dubai. Dubai Tour Packages can be customized according to your requests and national holidays. 

 Q-8 Can I explore Dubai From Punjab in just a week?

 Dubai as a city can easily be explored in 5-6 days. You can divide your days as – On the first-day post-check-in, you take a Dubai tour on a monorail. The next day entirely you can keep for Burj Khalifa. On the third day, you can go for a desert safari. On the fourth day, you can take a tour of the city and visit the mosque. On the fifth day, you can do all the other outdoor activities. The entire sixth day keeps for shopping as Dubai is a hub of shopping. People availing of Dubai Tour packages from Punjab will be guided through our Travel Experts. 

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Between November to April are the best time to visit Dubai, when the weather is pleasant. Due to Shopping Festival Between January and February tourist traffic will be high. The temperatures begin to rise by April. In Summer, Dubai weather is hot and humid and not crowded at this time.


The UAE Embassy does not issue visas to ordinary passports holders. Tourist Visa for Indians holding an ordinary passport, arranged by either a sponsor in UAE. Through the airline if you have booked a round trip ticket on some Airlines i.e. Air Arabia Etihad, Fly Dubai, Jet Airways or Emirates and A hotel booked by you in UAE.

Hotels & Meals

You can book a Budget Hotels in range of ₹ 3,000 - ₹ 5500, 3 & 4 stars betwwen ₹ 3000 - ₹ 8000, 5 star hotels start from ₹ 7000 and onwards. Average mid range per day meal for a person comes between AED 100 - 200

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